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Thank you Kasuteira

Thank you Kasuteira

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What is "Kodaki Family's Kodawari Eggs"?

Everything about eggs = Parent chickens are everything In order to raise healthy parent chickens and produce safe, secure and nutritious eggs, we have been particular about food, drinking water, and the environment.

* 5 points of Kodawari Tamago

Point 1: “Kodawari Kazoku no Kodawari Egg” is a delicious egg with approximately 30 times more vitamin E than regular eggs.

Point 2: “Kodawarikazoku no Kodawari Eggs” are characterized by their rich and rich yolks, which are safe and secure to eat raw.

Point 3: The yolk of “Kodawari Kazoku no Kodawari Tamago” has a rich, reddish orange color. No synthetic coloring agents such as canthaxanthin are used.

Point 4: We are giving specially formulated feed for "Kodaki Family's Kodawari Eggs". Healthy, safe and secure eggs are born from healthy parent chickens.

Point 5: “Kodawari Kazoku no Kodawari Eggs” are laid by parent chickens that are 200 to 450 days old, unlike the eggs that are laid by parent chickens that are 150 to 700 days old, which are generally distributed. It's an egg. The difference is the goodness of the orgasms!

It is a single-edition-sized individually wrapped castella that uses “Kodaki Family’s Kodawari Eggs” and “Wasanbon”. Orange castella peeks through the egg-shaped window of the chic black package. The bottom is covered with granulated grains, and you can enjoy the rich flavor and chewy texture of the carefully selected eggs.

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Product information

[Name] Baked sweets
[Ingredients] Egg (domestic), white sugar, wheat flour, glutinous rice candy, wasanbon sugar, granulated sugar, mirin
[Contents] 1 piece (1 cut)
[Expiration date] 60 days from production
[Preservation method] Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity