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Thank you baum of the discerning egg

Thank you baum of the discerning egg

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What is "Kodawari Family's Kodawari Eggs"? All of the eggs = all parent chickens raise healthy parent chickens, and for safe, secure and nutritious eggs, we are particular about food, drinking water, and the environment. rice field.

* Five points of quality eggs Point 1: "Kodawari Kazoku no Kodawari Eggs" contain about 30 times more vitamin E than regular eggs [Food with Nutrient Function Claims] * (compared to 1.0 mg chicken egg in the Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan 2015) Delicious It's an egg.

Point 2: “Kodawarikazoku no Kodawari Eggs” are characterized by their rich and rich yolks, which are safe and secure to eat raw.

Point 3: The yolk of “Kodawari Kazoku no Kodawari Eggs” has a bright reddish orange color. No synthetic coloring agents such as canthaxanthin are used.

Point 4: We are giving specially formulated feed for "Kodaki Family's Kodawari Eggs". Healthy, safe and secure eggs are born from healthy parent chickens.

Point 5: “Kodawari Kazoku no Kodawari Eggs” are laid by parent chickens that are 200 to 450 days old, unlike eggs that are laid by parent chickens that are 150 to 700 days old, which are generally distributed. It's an egg. The goodness of Iki is different! Baumkuchen carefully baked by a skilled master. It goes without saying that eggs are used with particular attention to the raw materials, but it has a simple taste with the flavor of the eggs, and has a fluffy and soft texture. It comes in a cute package with an illustration of the sun and a letter that says thank you, and is recommended as a gift.

[Ingredients] Liquid whole egg (manufactured in Japan), shortening, sugar, wheat flour, cornstarch, starch syrup, honey, edible processed oil, salt/emulsifier (derived from soybean), leavening agent, fragrance (derived from milk), sorbitol, glycerin, coloring charge (carotene)

[Contents] 1 piece (diameter about 80-90mm x cut width about 30mm)

[Expiration date] 90 days from production

[Preservation method] Avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.

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